This is Where I was Last Week!

What could be more fun than hanging out with these cute FACEs?


The Birds at North Park Mall Eat Fiber Hourly

Avoid parking under any trees at Northpark Mall.

I parked to watch Transformers for 3 hours and then returned to find my car transformed into a white splatter painted masterpiece.


Good Bye Reunion Arena

The FACE of Reunion looks a little different. I was driving downtown and saw that Reunion Arena is pretty much demolished. Internet articles say that demolition should finish by September and will cost around $6Million total!!


Speak Up, It Pays!

So, I'm not great at demanding quality and speaking up when I'm not happy with service, but my confidence was up this week and on two occasions my bravery was rewarded.

Case Study #1: Wolf Camera
I had a few wedding pictures printed at Wolf on Preston & Forest. There were tiny scratches on many of the 4x6's and an 8x10 black and white had pink coloring on the edge. I called the store back to report the issue with plans of bringing the damaged prints in the next day to be reprinted. Instead, they reprinted my ENTIRE order and it was ready early the next morning. Double the prints for 1/2 the price! Good customer service Wolf!

Case Study #2: Frosted Art Bakery
Frosted Art was the baker for my wedding cake. Long story short, look at the awful monogram on the cake below. My FACE cringes every time I look back at this elegant cake with kidprint font. Poor quality from the "city's finest" Needless to say, I got up the nerve to send the chef pictures and my disatisfaction with the quality. Bronwen called me the following day offering her apologies and a 10% refund on the cake. Every little bit helps!


New Project

My next project will be to paint our early 90's wallpapered master bathroom.

Does anyone recommend a good way to remove wallpaper?

Let's FACE it, I need help!


He Was in a Singing Mood

This morning, the funniest man I know awoke serenading me "Say My Name" from Destiny's Child album in 1999. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vucPGTAQvGI

Then he started singing an opera version of Black Eyed Pea's Boom Boom Pow.

I guess he was in a singing mood. He brings a smile to my FACE.


Let Us Fix Our Eyes on the Cross

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God."
-Hebrews 12:2
This is my favorite wedding picture. Besides capturing the landscape of our ceremony beautifully and symetrically, the symbolism is sweet...both of our FACEs are hidden behind the cross with hands held.

Helmut Walker Photography captured our wedding perfectly!

Check out all our photos.
Visit http://www.helmutwalker.com/
Click on Clients
Enter passcode: stovallcavender


Battery Swap For FREE

Weekly I recieve a trend watching newsletter with great new ideas and cool happenings from around the world. This week's newsletter featured an article saying that if you bring in your old, run down cellular battery to any US Cellular location, you can exchange it for a brand new battery of the same model and type for FREE!

Let's FACE it, that's a good deal!

Steel Learns to Use a Doggy Door

Steel was born March 26, 2008.
She entered my life on May 23, 2008.
She entered our new home on January 15, 2009.
She exited our doggy door sometime in March.

Our doggy door is the most fun thing about our house. The pets love it.

I recommend a doggy door for every home with pets. If you want to install your own, just watch this 3 minute video or call Hale if you are in Dallas!

Did I mention that Kyle is allergic to cats?


Rain Dancer

OK, I got it.

I'll talk about the funniest man I know who happens to be living in my house.

This morning, he put indian war paint on his FACE
(aka anti wrinkle cream) and did a rain dance in our bathroom.

He makes me laugh.

I extended him an offer to write funny editorials for this blog.

Tune in to see if he accepts.

Blog Fright

So, I'm having blog fright (see footnote). You can see it in my FACE.

There's lots of pressure. It's my first blog post. It must be great if any of you are going to follow me. I could start with the predictable corny "Brittany" joke, but that would only gain me the following of 3rd-5th graders.

What to post?

It All Begins

My Ninetendo DS broke this morning.

After crying for several hours with tears running down my FACE, I decided I needed a new hobby to take up my time.

So, I started this blog. Enjoy!